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Smile Spokane information on City Council’s website: Part 2.

Source: SmileSpokane | September 16th, 2020
Note from Fluoride Action Network:
SmileSpokane, the force behind the huge campaign to fluoridate Spokane, has two resources on fluoridation listed on the City Council of Spokane’s website under Items of Interest. The following is one of the two, titled City Council Fluoridation Facts & FAQ (PDF 6.6 MB). This is the American Dental Association’s Fluoridation Facts 2018 where SmileSpokane has the following attachment at the bottom. The other, a classic propaganda paper, is online here. (EC)

Spokane City Council
FAQ: Fluoride


• Protect public health – oral health is a fundamental aspect of health

• The science is clear that this is a tremendously beneficial public health intervention and
has been safely used across the country for 75 years

• Spokane is the largest city in Washington that does not fluoridate its water; the cities of
Cheney, Pullman, Yakima, Tacoma, Seattle, Ellensburg, and Fairchild Air Force Base all
fluoridate their water

• Community water fluoridation is recommended at 0.7 mg/L by the Washington
Department of Health and the federal Department of Health and Human Services\


• The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked declarations of public health emergencies around
the globe, including in Spokane, Spokane County, and the state of Washington

• The current public health crisis has laid bare deep, and deeply disturbing, public health
disparities, particularly for people of color and low-income people

• The City of Spokane is responding to help people who are at economic and health risk –
this is one of those responses to give everyone a chance at better health, and create a
stronger and more resilient Spokane


• The City is negotiating the terms of a $4,000,000 grant from the Arcora Foundation and
other nonprofit organizations to pay for the capital expenses associated with
fluoridating City water.]

• Fundraising will take place for the annual operational costs. The annual cost savings per city resident far exceeds the annual operational costs.


• The City policy will provide that the water department will offer at least one nonfluoridated source of water for the public to use, free of charge.


• See attached PDF of local support

Thank you, City Council, for listening to our call
for better oral health in Spokane.

We call on our leaders to adjust the level of fluoride in Spokane’s water supply to improveour community’s health. Our city faces significant oral health challenges, including  rates of decay among children and adults than many Washington communities. The pandemic is placing added pressures on under-resourced populations already facing health inequities.

Please act now. Lead the way to improved health for all.

MultiCare Health System
Providence Health Care
CHAS Health
Kaiser Permanente
Spokane County Medical Society
Washington State University College of Medicine
UW School of Medicine
Eastern Washington University
Department of Dental Hygiene
Washington Association for Community Health
Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees
Spokane NAACP Branch #1137
Asia Pacific Cultural Center
Latino Community Fund of Washington State
Latinos en Spokane
I Did the Time
Spokane Public Schools Board of Directors
School Nurse Organization of Washington

Children’s Alliance
Communities In Schools of Spokane County
Toothsavers of Washington
Spokane Housing Authority
Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium
Statewide Poverty Action Network
Spokane Treatment & Recovery Services
Smile Spokane
Better Health Together
Empire Health Foundation
Community Advocacy Fund
Health Sciences Student Advocacy Association
Greater Spokane Progress
League of Education Voters
Priority Spokane
Spectrum Center Spokane
Volunteers of America
Arcora Foundation
Washington Dental Hygienists’ Association

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