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Sodium fluoroacetate: Poisoned possums threat

Source: The Dominion Post | October 29th, 2014
Location: New Zealand
Industry type: Pesticides

Molecular formula:


No beach days for Fido this summer – the risk of 1080-poisoned possums washing up on Wellington shorelines has prompted the regional council to warn that pets be kept away.

After heavy rain, carcasses could wash downstream along the Hutt River and on to beaches after recent poison drops of sodium fluoroacetate, or 1080, in Kaitoke Regional Park last month, council biosecurity manager Davor Bejakovich said.

No carcasses had yet been detected, but caution was still advised, he said. “We urge dog owners to avoid all eastern harbour beaches from Petone to Pencarrow, and the Hutt River bed.”

Council officers would check all beaches from Petone to Pencarrow over the next few days and post warning signs. The Hutt River would also be examined for washed-up poisoned pests.

“Anyone walking their dog near the harbour beaches and Hutt River bed should keep their animals close on a lead and not allow them to scavenge, until warning signs have been taken down.”

Dogs are 10 times more susceptible to 1080 poisoning than any other animal. There was no threat to human health, Bejakovich said.

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Note from FAN:

This insecticide creates a hideous death for any creature exposed to it. It should be banned from use everywhere. For more information click here.