Fluoride Action Network

Sorry, this won’t fix our health crisis

Source: Queensland Sunday Mail | October 9th, 2005 | By Jim Soorley
Location: Australia

‘What about getting kids to exercise?’

THE long-awaited, secretly edited Forster Report with recommendations to fix the disaster called Queensland Health has now been delivered — and the dramatic solution to this mess is (surprise, surprise) to fluoridate your drinking water. This will supposedly save $1 billion a year in dental costs.

Come on, mass medicating all of us with a poison which has minor impact on dental decay is a sell-out.

How about an education program to get kids to drink less soft-drink, eat less junk food, exercise and play regular sport?

How about costing the detrimental effects and costs of fluoride in later life?

I notice the report ignored the new worldwide research that links fluoride to bone cancer in boys and the Environmental Working Group in America that has recommended fluoride be included in the list of known carcinogens.

Queenslanders have been sold a pup in the delivery of health services for too long. What we have here is a dead dog.