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South Blount County Utility District faces fluoride issue again

Source: The Daily Times | March 19th, 2013 | By Joel Davis

… The utility recently confirmed that it is allowing its customers to vote on whether to continue water fluoridation. SBCUD will be sending out postcards that are nonduplicatable so each account gets one vote. Customers will have through May to return those. The return date deadline will be June 15.

… Linda King, of Citizens for Blount County’s Future, has been leading a fight against fluoridation since SBCUD began fluoridating water at its plant in 2008. She believes there are health issues associated with fluoride.

… The addition of fluoride to the water supply has been the subject of local controversy since the SBCUD board originally voted not to fluoridate the water when the district opened its new plant in July 2004.

In 2008, however, the board voted to begin fluoridation at the request of then-Blount County Mayor Jerry Cunningham. Fluoridation ultimately began that May.

Later that year, King filed a lawsuit in Blount County Chancery Court requesting that the utility provide documentation showing fluoride in water is safe to drink. Her request for a temporary injunction against the district was denied, and the suit was later dismissed.

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