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Southampton: 7,500 more people will receive fluoride – and they were never consulted.

Source: Daily Echo | April 17th, 2009 | By John Reeve
Location: United Kingdom, England

Left out of the consultation

THERE is no mention of Bassett being included in the scheme in the glossy booklet the SHA produced to help residents make their minds up on FLUORIDATION.

The authority had to rewrite the leaflet before the consultation began because even its members thought it was too biased in favour of FLUORIDE.

Until now, the only way Bassett residents have been told they could receive fluoridated water is through an online postcode checker.

The SHA tells those in the areas: “Occasionally at high levels of water demand you will receive a small increase in the level of fluoride in your water supply.”

Bassett’s 3,000 homes are served by the Yew Hill reservoir, but at peak times additional supplies are drawn from Otterbourne – which is where fluoridated water will be pumped from.

As previously reported the Flowers Estate within the Bassett ward has been identified as having some of the worst levels of childhood tooth decay yet it will be one of the communities that will not get any fluoridated water in its supplies as it is not served by either reservoir.

Thousands more Hampshire residents are to receive fluoridated water – but they won’t know when it is coming through their taps.

While nearly 200,000 people are to controversially have their water topped up with fluoride, it has emerged another 7,500 will also receive the chemical in their supplies.

The extra homes will be fluoridated at times of “high demand” on the reservoir that serves them, meaning they will be pumped water from the fluoridated supply instead.

However, residents will have no idea when that is or how often it happens.

The board of South Central Strategic Health Authority unanimously backed fluoridation earlier this year after a 14-week public consultation, despite widespread opposition.

Opponents denounced the consultation as a “sham” because three quarters of those who live in the affected area and gave their views said they didn’t want fluoridation. However, it was backed in a bid to reduce tooth decay among Southampton’s children.

No Idea

But while those in two thirds of the city and areas of Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams, will know they are drinking fluoridated water, those in other parts including Basset will have no idea when they are.

Angry homeowner say they were not properly informed about the wider impact the scheme would have.

Resident Simon Walker branded the situation a disgrace. He said: “We will not know on any one day whether our water has any added fluoride in it or not. It could be none, it could be the full dose of one part per million.”

Ward councillor John Hannides said people were angry they would receive fluoridated water, and that they were left out of the consultation.

“A lot of people I’ve spoken to are very clearly unhappy about the whole process,” he said.

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