A LEADING anti-fluoridation campaigner has criticised Southampton’s consultation document, calling it “propaganda”.

Dr Paul Connett, the director of Fluoride Action Network and a retired professor of chemistry at St Lawrence University in New York State, claims the booklet produced by South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to tell the public about fluoridation is biased in favour of fluoridation.

Southampton City Primary Care Trust wants to introduce water fluoridation in a bid to tackle the poor dental health among the city’s children, and the SHA is running a public consultation on the proposals.

Dr Connett, who has flown over to Southampton from his New York home to join in the Great Fluoride Debate, said: “It is propaganda. People in Southampton are being grossly misled.

A spokesman for South Central SHA said: “We completely refute any claim that the consultation document is propaganda. It provide scientific facts, sets out the issues for public consultation, provides people with the opportunity to express an opinion and directs people to further information.”