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Southampton. Sandra Gidley MP: Fluoridation justification goes down the plug hole

Source: Press release from Sandra Gidley MP | October 28th, 2009
Location: United Kingdom, England

Commenting today on the publication of new figures which reveal that the number of five year olds in Southampton with dental decay has fallen by over 25% since 2005, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Minister and City MP, Sandra Gidley, said:

“The high decay rate for five year olds in 2003 and 2005 was the key reason that the Health Authority introduced water fluoridation.

“But these figures suggest that rates of dental decay in Southampton are decreasing in line with other parts of the country – and rates are now lower than they were at the start of the decade.

“I urge the South Central Health Authority to reverse their decision in the light of these figures. The people of Southampton would welcome such a move and it would do a lot to restore faith in the board. After all, their justification for fluoridation has just gone down the plug hole.”

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Gidley Press release of February 26, 2009

Fluoridation decision will leave bad taste in the mouths of local people

Commenting on the news that members of South Central Strategic Health Authority’s board have voted to fluoridate south west Hampshire’s tap water, Shadow Public Health Minister for the Liberal Democrats and county MP Sandra Gidley, said:

“The board members have got this completely wrong and have chosen to ride roughshod over the overwhelming opinion of the public.

“Whilst there is a lot of research on the subject of water fluoridation, much of it like the Board’s judgement, is substandard.

“The cost of fluoridation will be huge. It would be far cheaper and more effective to provide toothpaste and brushes to those who can’t afford it rather than introducing a mass medication programme.

“This decision will do little or nothing for oral health and, in the long term, will only leave a bad taste in the mouths of local people.”

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