The Southern Downs Mayor concedes if residents choose to discontinue water fluoridation it will be against public health advice.

The council will send out a survey asking residents if they want their water supply fluoridated but will only act if there is a 50 per cent response to the survey.

Peter Blundell says Queensland Health recommends fluoridation but he says the public should get the final say.

“They have indeed said that they suggest that local governments do leave fluoride in water supplies, however, they have also, the Queensland Government have also made it very clear that it is up to local governments to choose,” he said.

Councillor Blundell says the decision has come about after intense lobbying from the public.

“It was a concerted lobbying effort by a smaller group, the Save our Shires action group formed the basis of that lobbying group and as a result of that they put together a petition of some 400 signatures,” he said.