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Spider plants: Indoors or out, mamas and babies are variegated beauties

Source: The News Courier (Alabama) | September 11th, 2017 | By Kipp Irland


One of the most common problems encountered with a spider plant are brown tips at the ends of the leaves. Tip burn is often the result of fluoride found in the tap water used to water the plant. The fluoride in the water causes salt buildup in the soil. Using distilled or rain water will help with the browning and can be used to flush the soil of excess salt. Brown tips can also be snipped from the leaves with sharp clean shears without harming the plant.

*The full article is online at http://www.enewscourier.com/news/lifestyles/spider-plants-indoors-or-out-mamas-and-babies-are-variegated/article_67f33096-94fb-11e7-9d23-2f6b94747277.html