There’s money to be made selling soluble fluoride to larger cities with large municipal water supply systems. Otherwise, why would some obscure non-profit organization of unknown actual auspice dangle $4 million in front of some less-than-stellar, public brain trusts like the Spokane City Council?

They took the money. Now, Spokane is on the hook with fluoride dealers for $4 million. But hey, just put fluoride in Spokane water and they can keep the $4 million!

What a crock!

Mayor Nadine Woodward agrees, and it follows multiple relevant legal precedents. Let the citizens vote on it. It’s been voted down multiple times already! It’s their water. It’s their biochemistry.

But the City Council has found and erroneously justified a way to circumvent the democratic process and plans to spend the drug dealer’s money and by doing so tacitly OK fluoride for all Spokane’s citizens.

This is wrong!

Mayor Woodward? Hello! Step in. Restore due process. Bypass the self-impressed dullards wielding way too much authority over Spokane’s population given the inadequate size of their largely nonexistent, relevant insight and dubious intellects. Now, compromised by drug dealers.

Do you know where the fluoride comes from? I do.

I’m a geologist. You don’t want to know.

Eric Lafko


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