As stated in Safe Water Spokane’s op-ed opposing fluoride (“Taking a principled stance on water fluoridation,” Jan. 8), about 1% of the population has hypersensitivity to fluoride. I happen to be one of those people.

I don’t have to swallow fluoride in order to have a reaction to it. When I used to get a topical fluoride treatment at the dentist with pharmaceutical grade fluoride, and not the toxic kind that is normally added to drinking water, I first get a headache and a stomach ache, and then cankers break out in my mouth. I can and do decline fluoride treatments at the dentist now, but with fluoridated water, there is no way I can get away from it.

If I make soup, or tea, or coffee, eat at a restaurant, wash my dishes, or take a shower, fluoride will be in the water. If I brush my teeth with fluoride-free toothpaste, fluoride will be in the water.

I think that it’s totally unfair that I should have to spend a ton of money to install an expensive reverse osmosis system in my home in order to protect myself. Going beyond fairness, what about my right to refuse to take a drug that I don’t want to ingest? A medical doctor does not have the right to prescribe a drug to me without my informed consent, yet the Spokane City Council wants to force a drug on me that I am clearly allergic to.

Fluoridation proponents say that fluoride is safe for everyone. I know otherwise.

Barbara Nicolai


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