Many medical professionals oppose water fluoridation for good reason.

According to the FDA, “Fluoride, when used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or animal, is a drug.” Fluoride is intended to prevent cavities, and like any drug, it can have harmful side effects.

The standard safety protocols for a doctor prescribing a drug include its being taken in a specific dose for a specific period of time. The doctor reviews the potential benefits and harmful side effects. Then the patient makes the final decision on whether to take it. This is informed consent.

When you put fluoridation chemicals in drinking water, every one of these protocols is violated, taking away your right to choose what drugs you put in your body.

Fluoride is the only drug – anywhere in the world – allowed to be put in drinking water.

Administering a drug as a onesize- fits-all through the public water supply is one of the most ill-advised ideas I’ve ever seen. No fluoridation – Spokane’s City Council has no right to play doctor with my body.

Carol Black

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