Fluoride Action Network

State negligent as regards fluoride

Source: Irish Examiner | Letter | December 29th, 2017 | By Declan Waugh
Location: Ireland

In the week before Christmas, I submitted, to the Irish and European authorities, a document on mandatory fluoridation of drinking water. This policy mandates by national legislation, that citizens, residents, and visitors to Ireland must consume fluoride in water and in associated beverages and foods. The document was co-signed by many academics, scientists, medical doctors, midwives, neurologists, psychologists, biochemists, molecular and cell biologists, toxicologists, nutritionists, and experts in paediatric medicine, as well as historians, poets, educationalists, some of Ireland’s leading food entrepreneurs and the cream of Irish songwriters, and musicians, as well as hundreds of citizens and parents.

The submission is seeking answers to specific questions, in the interests of transparency and accountability, that the Irish State, or its agencies, has refused to address. It presents new evidence, which demonstrates gross negligence and malpractice on how this policy is governed in Ireland. The day after this letter was submitted, Reuters reported that federal judge ruled that opponents of fluoridated drinking water in the US can proceed with a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

The lawsuit, by Food & Water Watch, the Fluoride Action Network, and other groups, relates to scientific evidence that fluoride causes neurological damage in children. If the Irish authorities don’t address the concerns expressed in our submission, we may be left with no option but to take similar action against politicians, and food-safety and public health officials, to ensure that they comply with their obligations, with respect to the welfare of citizens.

Declan Waugh
Scientist & Risk Management Consultant
Riverview, Bardon, Co Cork