EUREKA SPRINGS — The battle against mandated fluoridation in the State of Arkansas has again been enjoined by concerned citizens, who are challenging recent statements made by the state’s oral health director.

A letter dated Feb. 19, 2009, by Hot Springs attorney Janie Evins, representing a group of concerned citizens, challenged State Oral Health Director Lynn Mouden on several statements he made while testifying before the House and Senate Interim Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor on Dec. 18, 2008.

A copy of the letter was forwarded to the Carroll-Boone Water District (CBWD), who provides unfluoridated water to its four member cities of Eureka Springs, Berryville, Green Forest and Harrison and their subsidiaries.

In the letter, Evins demands retraction of eight “false or misleading statements” about fluoridation made as fact, and not opinion, in Mouden’s position as a dentist and public servant. It demands he either state they are his opinion, or if fact, support them with scientific proof, or retract them. He had five working days to respond or the citizens would take further action….

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