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State pumps fluoride into Mt Crosby first

Source: Ipswich Queensland Times | September 2nd, 2008 | By Rob Lockyear
Location: Australia

THE Mt Crosby fluoride plant will be the centrepiece of the State Government’s plan to introduce the cavity busting compound into Queensland’s drinking water.

Seqwater spokesman Mike Foster said six plants in south-east Queensland would be upgraded by the end of December, but work would begin at Mt Crosby as soon as next month.

“Mt Crosby will be the priority because it services the bulk of greater Brisbane,” Mr Foster said.

“That will be the first cab off the rank.”

Premier Anna Bligh yesterday announced the start of the $35 million project that would help tackle the problem of Queensland’s poor dental health.

“The good news today is the program is on track to deliver fluoridated water from December this year,” Ms Bligh said.

“I have no doubt fluoridation will become one of the State’s most important investments in the future health of our children.”

The introduction of fluoride to Queensland’s drinking water has received strong endorsement from the Australian Dental Association that claimed it could reduce the risk of dental decay by up to 40 per cent.

However, the QT received many letters in the past year indicating residents of the city were still sceptical.

“Premier Bligh forcing Queenslanders to accept poisonous fluoride put in our drinking water is dictatorial and discriminative to Queenslanders who do not want it and those who cannot drink it,” wrote I Hume, of Ipswich.