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Stopping fluoridation in Santa Fe?

Source: KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | October 29th, 2012 | By Michael Schwanke

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a town that offers a unique way of living and prides itself on being different.

The town has added fluoride to its water since the 1950s, but now, the city council has voted to stop adding it.

The council decided and already voted, but there were concerns about how open the process was. So now, members will vote again…but most have already made their decision.

“Over the years has been beneficial,” said council member Ron Trujillo, “I do understand that I’m going to keep my stance that there’s enough fluoride occurring in this community that we don’t need to add to it.”

There isn’t enough according to the CDC. Santa Fe and Wichita are similar when it comes to naturally occuring fluoride. Both cities have about half of what’s recommended, and just like Wichita – Santa Fe council members have different opinions.