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Stopping water fluoridation borders on child neglect

Source: Oakville Beaver | Certified specialist in Maxillofacial Radiology, Head of the Department of Dental Oncology, Ocular and Maxillofacial Prosthetics, University Health Network / Princess Margaret Hospital Chief Forensic Dentist, Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario
Posted on December 3rd, 2008
Location: Canada, Ontario

Halton stopping water fluoridation? Bad move.

Some misguided members of council say there is “too much evidence.”

Not all evidence is equal. Small studies and anecdotes are not science. Evidence is not measured by paper volume. Volume was science when we all agreed the earth was flat or that some of us were witches.

Systematic scientific reviews of multiple studies are the highest level of scientific evidence. A recent systematic review, published in the journal Evidence based Dentistry concluded: “Fluoridation of drinking water remains the most effective and socially equitable means of achieving community-wide exposure to the caries prevention effects of fluoride. It is recommended that water be fluoridated in the target range of 0.6-1.1 mg/l, depending on the climate, to balance reduction of dental caries and occurrence of dental fluorosis.” As you can see Halton at 0.6 ppm is on the low side.

Putting this to a vote is immoral since those harmed are under 12 years old. Forty per cent of them (and the public) never see a dentist.

I once extracted 20 infected primary (baby) teeth on a fiveyear old in a remote non-fluoridated First Nations community as an itinerant MOH dentist. I doubt any member of council has had to engage in such unpleasantness.

Having adults subject children to gross dental decay, toothaches, abscesses, and parents to unnecessary dental bills to satisfy “the murmuring ducks” is sickening. As affected children age, they will miss work for dental reasons and spend more on dentistry. This will add a tax on business.

For people who say we shouldn’t add anything to drinking water – what right do we have to chlorinate water? Chlorine is poisonous. If people want organic water – the lake is south – help yourself.

This course of action is scientifically unsound and borders child neglect.

Those council members with the courage to continue fluoridation should be proud. Those members of council, who under the guise of faux-science, want fluoride removed – you’d do best to sit down and stop displaying your appalling ignorance.

We elect you to govern for the good of all voters as well as innocents who can’t.

I think that the Halton Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Nosal, has exercised remarkable restraint in not having some council members involuntarily committed.