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Surf Coast councillor calls for fluoride vote

Source: The Geelong Advertiser | March 5th, 2008 | By Aleks Devic
Location: Australia

SURF Coast Shire councillor Ron Humphrey says Victorians subjected to fluoridated water should decide whether they receive it while voting in new councillors.

But South Barwon MP Michael Crutchfield said a referendum would not be held on the issue.

Cr Humphrey said local councils should decide whether or not fluoride should be poured into the region’s water.

“When people decide who will be their next councillors in November they should also have a vote on a separate ballot if they want to have fluoride,” Cr Humphrey said.

“That would close the debate either way and let everyone move on.

“The fluoride issue is closer to local governable anyway and it’s local government which does the state’s dirty work.”

Mr Crutchfield said the Government had gone through an extensive consultation process and a decision would be known in the coming weeks.

“Cr Humphrey can have his own opinion but it’s certainly not one of the broader population,” he said.

“A referendum won’t be occurring and the Government has support that fluoride in our water will serve as a public health benefit.”

Cr Humphrey said he was against fluoride and the people who wanted it were already buying fluoride capsules.

“They want to put in the water when we will be lucky to use a small amount.”

He said most of it would be wasted when commercial industry sites, which did not need fluoride, flushed it down the drain.nts most of it will be wasted when commercial industry sites, who don’t need fluoride for their work, use it we flush down trillions of water with fluoride for no need,” he said.

“We are using a sledgehammer to crack a wall nut and if people want it they should buy bottled water with fluoride.”