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Suzanne Somers letter to the Malibu Surfside Times

Source: Malibu Surfside News | December 13th, 2007


I just received the letter entitled “Information on Fluoridation of your Drinking Water,” LA Waterworks District No. 29, Malibu (that’s us folks). This information sheet is filled with misleading and untrue information which affects all of us and the health we are enjoying.

Fluoride is being presented to us as an opportunity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fluoride is a manufacturing bi-product that was foisted on the American public decades ago after “extensive testing.” That was 70 plus years ago when “extensive testing” was not so extensive. It was more like an affirmative nodding of heads from those who benefited greatly. Fluoride is a chemical, and we know that chemicals ingested into the body are bad. We know that a lifetime of ingesting chemicals can assist in leading to disability and premature death.

The experts in the 1930’s said that fluoride prevents tooth decay; just the opposite is true. Fluoride and aluminum mixed together (as they do in our drinking water) are powerful toxins. It’s hard to get away from this stuff; for instance, most California wines have very high fluoride and aluminum levels. Once fluoride enters a food, it is impossible to remove. Fluoride is a very reactive substance and it binds to the plant so you can’t remove it.

I recently interviewed Dr. Russell Blaylock, renowned neuroscientist, for my upcoming book. When I discussed fluoride with him, he said, “You have to understand it’s all a payoff system. Fluoride is a waste product. Communities keep trying to refuse it and they come back every year and try again. They offer the city contracts, the government contracts and dangle the possibility that they are going to do a big project if this community agrees to fluoridate the water supply.

“We now know beyond any doubt that fluoride does not reduce cavities; in fact, it increases cavities; so there is no justification for putting fluoride in the water. Even the ADA (American Dental Association) admits this because the studies were so overwhelming that there was no benefit whatsoever. The ADA has been lying to dentists all these years. “Fluoride is one of the most poisonous substances on earth. It tends to accumulate, particularly in the bones and the thyroid gland and in the brain. It lowers IQ’s. It’s associated with Down’s Syndrome and it connects to excitotoxcity (chemical poisoning); but the people who are promoting it, primarily the government and the ADA, have so much influence through the media that you really can’t get the truth out.

People are just not aware how enormously toxic fluoride is, particularly when combined with aluminum. When you mix it together (which they do in drinking water) where the two combine chemically, they form a substance that acts as a false transmitter in the brain and wreaks all kinds of havoc. We also find that tumors, like breast tumors, have G type receptors (glutamate receptors); and fluoride activates them. This connects to the finding that fluoride increases cancer growth and cancer mortality. When you fluoridate whole communities, you are just assuring a lot of cancer patients that their cancer is going to recur or it’s going to be more difficult to control because of the fluoride. As you fluoridate the water, you fluoridate the plants. We’re seeing a bio- accumulation of fluoride all over the United States, and the National Research Council said the average American is taking in about two to three parts per million fluoride whether they want to or not. The ADA has stipulated that everybody needs one part per million fluoride (who knows why), but we unknowingly already get three times that amount.”

Fluoride is deadly serious. In an environmental assault unlike anything the human species has ever before encountered, why, why would we go out of our way to add more chemicals to our drinking and bathing water! The idea is ludicrous.

Don’t let this happen. Speak out. It’s in the works right now. It’s about to happen. In order to protect ourselves, we are all going to have to install reverse osmosis filters in our entire water systems in our houses. Because of the fluoride and the enormous toxicity, you must change your filters every three months. Perhaps the city would like to reimburse us for this expense that requires us to take this drastic measure.

Maybe with our collective voices we can reverse this terrible assault on our health. Oppose fluoridation for the sake of your health and your family’s. New medicine is working diligently to find ways to avoid chemicals in our bodies and our environment. These new, cutting-edge doctors are aware that the sickness all around us is connected to the chemicals in our food, water, homes and environment. Why would we go out of our way to add more chemicals to our water?

What are our city officials thinking? It is clear that fluoridation is not in our best interest, but definitely in the best interest of those who promote this crazy idea.

Think about it: “Let’s add chemicals to our water supply to prevent cavities.” Even if that were true (which it is not), has anyone considered the additional harm to the body and brain that comes from ingesting dangerous manufactured chemicals all day, every day?

Check out the meaning of excito-toxins on Google. Fluoride is an excito toxin. Self poisoning is inescapable. Our bodies are trans-dermal; so in the shower, in our pools, our baths, our vegetable gardens, fluoride will be seeping into our blood streams. And forget soaking in a bath. At 20 minutes one pint of bath water is now inside your body, chemicals and all.

We in Malibu live a life of health, fresh air, clean ocean water, exercise and organic foods. We are grateful that we have found this beautiful spot on earth that we protect and cherish. Fluoride is being added to our water supply “in the best interests of the population of Malibu.” Why? Follow the money trail.

Suzanne Somers