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Swallowing the medication of our water

Source: Irish Medical News | September 17th, 2001 | by Dr. Andrew Rynne
Location: Ireland

Fluoridated water, the stuff that you and I are being force-fed every day of our lives, is a medicinal product by any definition.

This was established in the judgement of Lord Jauncey back in 1983. Given that one standard dictionary definition of a medicine is “a substance taken, usually by mouth, to treat a disease” his Lordship could hardly have concluded otherwise. And the Irish Medicines Board, in all fairness to them, would seem to concur. Its definition of a medicinal product is “any substance given with a view to diagnosing, treating or preventing a disease or to altering a physiological function”.

Therefore, according to the IMB’s very own definition, fluoridated water is a medicinal product. It is a medicinal product given with a view to preventing a disease, that disease being dental caries. The IMB is the State’s watchdog for medicinal products that are on offer for consumption to the citizens of this country. It does a fantastic job. For example, did it not rid this country for all time of the plague that was the free availability of St John’s Wort capsules?

In what amounted to a dawn raid, it swooped on the health food stores and cleared their shelves of all Ginkgo and St John’s Wort capsules. I am sure that you have not failed to notice the public health benefits that have sprung from this brave move.

When St John’s Wort was freely available without a doctor’s prescription, Irish people were going around the place like zombies. And just look at them now, all fresh and well again. Good on you IMB, that’s the stuff!

The IMB likes medicinal products to have a product authorisation which it issues and jealously controls.

Before you are issued with a product authorisation number, you must first of all prove efficacy and safety for the medicinal product in question.

This system is supposed to protects us citizens from toxic substances making spurious health claims and masquerading as medicines.

It is of course a very good safeguard in so far as it works, I am all in favour of the IMB’s authority and power in this respect.

But there is a problem here of course, isn’t there? Fluoridated drinking water, which you and I are being force-fed every day, is a medicinal product but does not have a product authorisation number issued by the Medicines Board, nor could it ever have when you think about it.

Fluorosilic acid, the medicinal product that is being dumped into this State’s reservoirs, is a recovered pollution from the phosphate fertiliser industry.

It contains arsenic and lead and a whole smorgasbord of other little goodies usually reserved for feeding rats. They harvest it from the ‘pollution scrubbers’ in their chimney stacks.

It has, in fact, no proven efficacy and its toxicity is not fully understood. So a product licence, issued by the IMB for this medicinal product would be out of the question.

So riddle me this if you please. How is it that this State-established board of doctors and scientists can banish St John’s Wort and Ginkgo overnight but in the face of this force-fed pollutant they are toothless?

Could it be, I wonder, that health food store proprietors selling harmless herbs are soft targets on which the IMB can flex its muscles, but when it comes to a real issue like the mass poisoning of the population, it is powerless. If that is so, then it is a pathetic body indeed.

But the IMB is, I believe, also in serious breech in its duty of care towards my health and towards the health of every citizen of this State in standing by and allowing an unlicensed and unproven medicine to be force-fed to all of us.

I am currently taking an action against this State for their breech of my human rights in this respect and I intend to cite the Medicines Board as co-defendants.

In Irish law, medicinal treatment without consent is only allowed by a court order, or for the mentally ill, or for minors with the consent of their guardians.

And yet here I am every day of my life being medicated without my consent and against my expressed wishes. I am not mentally ill, I have no guardians left and there has been no court order handed down to allow for this compulsory dosing. This is as clear a violation of my human rights as false imprisonment or torture, and only a slave would tolerate it and not protest in the loudest possible fashion.

The very first words of the Nuremberg Principles issued following the Second World War and designed to outlaw Nazi medical experiments for all time were: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”. We, the citizens of this State, are human subjects involved in a medical experiment or clinical trial in an effort to prove or to disprove the theory that an arsenic-containing pollutant prevents tooth decay. We never gave our consent to be involved in this experiment.

There is this pitiful farce of a forum going on at the moment in the boardroom of the Dental Hospital. This hand-picked group is supposed to be taking a serious look at the whole question of fluoridation and its effects on the health of the citizens of this State, including the effects it may be having on our babies whose infant formulas are being reconstituted with the medicine-fluoridated water.

This is not a serious scientific inquiry into anything. It is a talking shop paid for by the tax-payers .

The day that I was foolish enough to go before them, they spent the entire hour telling me how impartial they were. This before they all sat down to a hearty lunch and I was sent home for my dose of fluorosilic acid.