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Tama Council meeting discussed fluoridation issue.

Source: Tama-Toledo News Chronicle | July 22nd, 2021
Location: United States, Iowa
1. The council briefly discussed the recent decision to remove fluoride from Tama’s water.

The decision to eliminate fluoridation was recommended by Water Superintendent Kent Campbell. Campbell had presented information to the council at the April 5 meeting and in a split vote the council approved eliminating fluoride. Council members Larry Thomas, Matt Beatty, Anne Michael voted in favor of eliminating fluoride. Emily Babinat voted against removing fluoride. Aaron Haughey was not present.

Representatives from the Iowa Department of Public Health, iSmile, a faculty member from the University of Iowa, and a representative from Tama County Public Health attended a council meeting in June to ask the council to reconsider the decision.

At the most recent meeting the discussion was centered around whether to leave the decision up to voters by adding a question of whether to include fluoride in the water to an election ballot in November. Turns out this is not allowed due to state code according to city attorney Dan Rathjen.

No action was taken.

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