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Taranaki: Fluoride debate flares up again

Source: North Taranaki Midweek via Stuff.co.nz | North Taranaki Midweek
Posted on June 1st, 2011
Location: New Zealand

The debate about fluoride in water is on the boil again.

A hearing will be held at the New Plymouth District Council tomorrow (Thursday) in preparation for the Draft Annual Budget.

Representatives from the newly formed Fluoride Free Taranaki group will make a case to the council for eliminating the chemical from water.

“Our view is that at the very least it’s unnecessary to apply fluoride to water. At the very worst its dangerous and unethical.” says group spokeswoman Danielle Diamond.

New Plymouth’s water began to be fluoridated in 1970. Waitara and Lepperton’s water became fluoridated in 1990 and Urenui’s in 1999.

As yet Inglewood, Oakura and Okato’s water supplies are not.

The topic, which has a long history of debate in New Plymouth, will not come up again at council for 10 years after a tribunal held later this year.

Fluoride Free Taranaki was formed in April when more than 100 people attended a meeting at which professor Paul Connett spoke about the affects and latest research about fluoride in water.

“People were showing up because they wanted to hear what he had to say,” Mrs Diamond says. “He encouraged people who wanted to to form a group to raise awareness.”

There are about 80 people in the group, which believes fluoride in water is unethical and can have some fairly severe consequences including cancer and lower IQ.

“When taken internally it does little or nothing to prevent tooth decay. It’s only when applied topically, like when using toothpaste, that it actually has an effect.”

The group, which is open to the public, meets on Wednesdays at Smart Organics on 64 Smart Rd from 7pm.

For more details visit Fluoride Free Taranaki on Facebook or email Kristy Gray at universalreflections@hotmail.com.