WE have been told that fluoridated water is the answer to dental problem.

So why is our Federal Government giving Tasmania $12 million  specifically to help them because they are in dental crisis?

Tasmania has been fluoridated for 48 years with 91 per cent of the population “medicated with fluoridated water”.

A year or so ago former Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown demanded the Federal Government commit to a National Dental Plan as in his words “Tasmania is in dental crisis”.

How can this be considering Tasmania was one of the first states to be fluoridated?

Here are some points raised in a Tasmanian newspaper on August 20, 2009.

“11.2 per cent of Tasmanians aged between 25 to 44 (all being born after fluoridation) wear dentures, almost double the national average.

“41 per cent of Tasmanians in the 45 to 64-year-old category have dentures which is 12 per cent above the national average.

“This year (2009) Medicare Australia sent our 38,100 vouchers to Tasmanians, each valued at $153.45 for teenagers to get a preventative dental health check up. The Federal Government urged Tasmanian parents to get their kids to the dentist quick smart.”

Western Australia was also among the first states to be fluoridated and is also in dental crisis.

Surely this proves that fluoridating our water for the protection of our teeth is a total fraud and should be stopped immediately.

Our own Weary Dunlop (revered surgeon as a prisoner of war of the Japanese) stated that it could take up to 20 years for illnesses caused by fluoride to show up.

He was very much against fluoridation.

Unfortunately fluoridation can also cause many health problems especially for people with thyroid, kidney and other diseases.

It appears Kevin Rudd realised this and in his first year as Prime Minister his expense account included $6000 worth of bottled water.

People of Sunraysia should demand that our Premier Ted Baillieu give us the same rights as the Queensland Premier has done for his constituents,  by allowing individual councils to vote for or against fluoridation.