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Taupo District Council admit that fluoride chemicals are being added to Lake Taupo

Source: Fluoride Free NZ | June 22nd, 2015 | By Kane Titchener
Location: New Zealand

Lake Taupo is one of the most pristine bodies of water in the world. Taupo District Council is charged with ensuring it remains that way. However, they have admitted that fluoride chemicals are not being removed in Turangi’s Waste Water Treatment Process and are being added to the Hangarito stream that feeds Lake Taupo. This is the first time that testing of the waste water for fluoride chemicals has been undertaken by Taupo District Council and only occurred after Fluoride Free NZ brought it to their attention.

Hydrofluorosilcic Acid is the toxic chemical that is added to the public water supply for fluoridation. According to Point 12 of the safety data sheet under Ecological Information it states: Ecotoxicity- Avoid contaminating waterways. In recent years tens of millions of dollars have been spent to shore up the environmental impact caused by farms and inhabitants adjacent to the internationally famous lake. It seems inconceivable that for the last 47 years Taupo District Council has been deliberately polluting the lake.

… At the recent Taupo District Council Long Term Plan 37 submissions were received on fluoridation. 35 submissions opposed fluoridation and 2 were for its continuance. One of those submitters for continuance was the local District Health Board (Toi Te Ora) which has a contractual obligation to promote fluoridation. In Taupo District Council reaching it’s decision to not review fluoridation Council staff did not provide any information technical or otherwise relating to fluoride for Council to consider prior to or during deliberations on the 2015 LTP.

Councillors have a statutory obligation to protect the Lake. How can they justify adding approximately half a tonne of a chemical classified as hazardous to it annually?

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