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Tecumseh: Fluoride debate deferred

Source: The Windsor Star | January 25th, 2012
Location: Canada, Ontario

TECUMSEH, Ont. — Council deferred Tuesday a decision over whether to ask the City of Windsor to stop fluoridation of the drinking water it buys from the city. A large contingent of residents, including a group called “fluoride free Windsor,” urged councillors to demand drinking water without fluoride.

Council seemed torn on the issue. Mayor McNamara was firm in his support of keeping fluoride in the water, while Coun. Rita Ossington, who was related to one of the fluoride protesters, questioned its use.

Dr. Allen Heimann, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s medical officer of health, said fluoride in drinking water is the most efficient, economical and equitable way to protect teeth from cavities. More than a third of Essex County residents don’t have dental insurance. Fluoride opponents pointed out that fluoride is available from dentists and in toothpaste and shouldn’t be in the water.

Council ended debate by asking Heimann to provide the lawmakers with more information on the man-made chemical that substitutes for natural fluoride and it’s long term health implications.

Anti-fluoride folks have stepped up efforts to get communities – specifically the City of Windsor – to ban it from drinking water. Windsor sells water to Tecumseh and LaSalle. Leamington and Kingsville have never added fluoride to potable water. Lakeshore voted last fall to cease adding fluoride to water.

McNamara noted the issue came up five years ago in Tecumseh. Heimann was invited to Amherstburg’s council meeting two weeks ago by Mayor Wayne Hurst to answer council questions about fluoride.