According to a US anti fluoride campaigner who went to Dunedin not so long ago, the government should provide more funding towards the research in this field.

The “case against fluoride” has been recently outlined at a meeting, which was held by Emeritus Prof Paul Connet. At the public meeting, there have been present approximately 60 participants.

Professor Paul Connet is an environmental chemist from the St. Lawrence University in New York, director of the IFAN (International Fluoride Action Network), and also leading author of “The Case Against Fluoride”.

In many of his studies he has stated that fluoridating drinking water has shown quite little beneficial effects on the dental health of people. Moreover, some other studies brought to light that water fluoridation has negative effects on brain and bone health, and that in young people, fluoride content is suggested to have an active role in reducing the intelligence levels.

Currently, IN New Zealand more than half of the public water supplies have been exposed to fluoridation processes. According to Prof Connet, health authorities in New Zealand didn’t want to change their policies regarding the water fluoridation system, out of fear of not loosing credibility for their other health programs.

According to a statement made by the New Zealand Ministry of Health, there are more than $500 million spent on a yearly basis for treating tooth decays. A combination of water fluoridation and a healthy diet have seemed the best ways and the most cost effective in order to keep tooth decay at bay in the population.

Moreover, health officials added that the fluoride amounts found in the water supplies in NZ are non toxic. They have also taken into consideration the studies and reports made by Prof Connet, and concluded there is no clear evidence present based on which they should change these regulations.

The water supply fluoridation is quite a problematic issue for the entire world. There are many health and governmental officials who support this practice, but just as many who are against fluoridation of water supplies.