The Deadly Volcano Eruption in Iceland Which Caused the Bloody French RevolutionA rather innocently looking Laki volcano caused massive changes in European society (Image: Wikimedia Commons

The doomsday eruption of the Laki volcanic system caused climate changes across the Northern Hemisphere

[A modern-day eruption of a volcano in Iceland (Photo by Toby Elliott on Unsplash)]

“The Icelanders stopped dancing and unlike the Norwegians and Faroe Islanders, we lost the old dances.”

— Professor Gunnar Karlsson

[Floods in Würzburg, Germany, in 1784 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)]
[French Revolution (Image: Wikimedia Commons)]

The population growth, inefficient farming, and terrible transportation infrastructure caused the prices of food to grow by sixty-five percent.

[France faces a series of bad harvests in the 1780s (]

The Laki eruption is a strong reminder of how devastating climate changes are. As of today, we are in the middle of the biggest one in the last thousand years.

The scarry part? We are doing far too little to stop it.