A large amount of sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) is released into the atmosphere after fumigation, intensifying the greenhouse effect. Therefore, it is important to remove SO2F2 generated in fumigation. In this study, the solubilities of SO2F2 in 2-butoxyethyl acetate (BOEA), 3-methoxybutyl acetate (MOBA), 2-methoxyethyl acetate (MOEA), 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate (MOPA), and 2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethyl acetate (DEOEA) were determined at T = (293.15 to 323.15) K and pressures up to about 600 kPa using the isochoric saturation method. Results showed that SO2F2 solubility in the five acetate derivatives increased with increasing pressure and decreased with increasing temperature. The dissolution of SO2F2 in these solvents belonged to a physical process. Furthermore, the Henry’s law constants and thermodynamic properties including standard Gibbs free energy, enthalpy, and entropy changes of SO2F2 dissolution were further obtained. Compared with water, these five selected acetate derivatives showed potential application for SO2F2 removal. Moreover, the solubilities of SO2F2 in these solvents followed the order of MOBA > MOPA > BOEA > DEOEA > MOEA.

*Original article titled, Solubilities of Sulfuryl Fluoride in 2-Butoxyethyl Acetate, 3-Methoxybutyl Acetate, 2-Methoxyethyl Acetate, 1-Methoxy-2-propyl Acetate, and 2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethyl Acetate, online at https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.jced.8b00224