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‘The scam that is water fluoridation’

Source: The Golden Star | November 2nd, 2005 | By Dr. Robert C. Dickson

Dear Editor,

As a medical practitioner for three decades and a leader of the anti-fluoride movement in Calgary, Alberta for over four years, my tendency and preference has been to walk a calm, rational path and attempt to encourage colleagues and the powers that be to look objectively at the facts and new information around water fluoridation.

However, I find myself becoming increasingly angry and frustrated with the political and medical scam that is water fluoridation.

I suggest that physicians like Dr. Ames and dentists like Drs. Hallett and Dolinsky read the following carefully before leading the public further into the fluoridation abyss.

Water fluoridation does very little to protect teeth and prevent caries, as many good studies prove (see Dr. Paul Connett’s “50 Reasons To Oppose Fluoride”). A case can be made for topical fluoride use but not for the ingested variety.

It is NOT natural calcium fluoride nor pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride that is being dumped into our mostly pure and clean water systems but a highly toxic industrial waste, hydrofluosilicic acid, which is scrubbed out of the smoke stacks of the fertilizer and aluminum industries.

Hydrofluosilicic acid is not fully tested or approved for human use in North America and we are uncertain as to what happens when it dissociates in water.

This volatile toxin is an enzymatic poison and accumulates in neurological tissue, endocrine tissue and excessively in bone, making bones thicker but weaker and more brittle.

Over 90 per cent of British Columbia and 98 per cent of Europe are not fluoridated and teeth in these jurisdictions are as good or better than Alberta with 75 per cent fluoridation and the USA which is at around 65 per cent.

Dental decay is a condition associated with poor nutrition, overuse of sugary foods and drinks, poor dental hygiene and lack of good quality basic dental care.

The 70 per cent decrease in caries over the last several decades has occurred in non-fluoridated as well as fluoridated areas so this huge improvement has everything to do with tackling the above problems and little or nothing to do with water fluoridation.

Water fluoridation does NOT help poor children. Many studies bear this out, and it would be nice to have politicians, dentists and physicians stop reiterating this myth.

My simple request is that every medical and dental practitioner, each politician thinking of voting for fluoridation, and anyone in the public preparing to vote on this matter, read the amazingly powerful book, “The Fluoride Deception”, by Christopher Bryson from 2004.

With over 100 pages of documentation to back the 200 pages of text, this powerful book reveals fluoridation for the disgusting and disheartening crime against the general public that it is.

Often, it is hard for us in the medical profession to admit that the wool has been pulled over our eyes.

Dr. Hardy Limeback, head of Preventative Dentistry at the University of Toronto, made that leap in 1998 and I followed in 1999.

We have since been attempting to send fluoride to rest along with lead in gasoline and paint, asbestos, DDT, thalidomide, hexavalent chromium and many of the other follies from the era of chemical evangelicism.

I suggest that you in Golden educate yourselves and make the leap too – your health will be far better for it, and your teeth won’t even notice.


Dr. Robert C. Dickson is a general family physician in Calgary, Alberta and leads the anti-fluoride campaign in Calgary