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The Top 10 Must-have Items From Brandless.com

Source: Popdust | October 28th, 2019
Industry type: Toothpaste


Ever wondered if there’s one place you could go to get all your essentials, without having to pay for branded items? Turns out, there is!

Brandless strives to supply you with brand-free products at big brand quality. Your home is your sanctuary, and Brandless has all your home must-haves.

There are sooo many amazing, great-value products on the Brandless website, but our editors have taken a look and chosen 10 of our favorites (but boy, it wasn’t easy)…

3. Fluoride-Free Peppermint Toothpaste

One of their best sellers is the Fluoride-Free toothpaste. Fluoride-Free toothpaste is essential for babies, but a lot of adults also opt for it to reduce their Fluoride intake. At $5, it’s a way better value than brands at shops like Whole Foods.

brandless fluoride free toothpaste

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