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The town of Beatty using interim well with higher fluoride content

Source: Pahrump Valley Times | May 4th, 2007
Location: United States, Nevada

Residents have been advised they still need to be mindful of conserving water until some time in June when the town’s main water well should be back on line.

The well went down late last year, and the Beatty Water and Sanitation District trustees took advantage of the down time while a new pump was being manufactured to have the well cleaned and its overly complex and trouble-prone electrical system re-engineered.

At the board’s April 26 meeting, manager Jim Weeks reported that a recent inspection video showed that the cleaning of the well had produced a very good result.

He said that the pump, which had to be custom manufactured, was due in Las Vegas by May 10, and that electrical work should be done close to that time. Then a crew will have to come to install the pump in the well.

Meanwhile, the town is depending on older, lower-capacity wells which are higher in fluoride. So far, Weeks reported, the district has not had to use its poorest-quality well.

The sewer pond project should be finished about the same time that the new well comes on line. …