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The Truth About Fluoride: Is It Your Friend or Foe?

Source: #INSCMagazine | By armand.levitz1234
Posted on January 31st, 2021
Location: Australia

For many years fluoride has been added to the water supply. Australia is one of the many countries that add this chemical to the water supply. This practice dates back to the early 1950s. In fact, it’s approximately two years after the US decided to add fluoride to their water.

The Logic behind Fluoride

Fluoride is a chemical that appears to strengthen teeth and bones. Its potential was first discovered in the early part of the 20th century. A dentist, Frederick McKay,noted that most of his patient’s teeth had mottled brown stains on them. This observation went largely unnoticed.

To clarify, dentistry at this period worked under the assumption that tooth loss started in childhood, and by middle age, adults would have none of their own teeth. Interestingly it led to some surprising remedies, such as using teeth from dead people.

McKay investigated further and by the early 1930s, he had identified the reason for their mottled teeth, fluoride.  It also made him aware that, although their teeth were stained, they had fewer cavities than anywhere else.

It led to the startling discovery that fluoride, in the right dose, can strengthen bones and teeth.

Whether you’re looking for a reputable dentist Toowong or in Sydney you’ll find that the majority of modern dentists accept the benefits of fluoride.

Fluoride The Foe

Of course, not everyone accepts that fluoride is as good as dentists assume it is. Initial resistance was simply a result of the change and led to the creation of elaborate theories, concerning communists and attempts to turn people into slaves or zombies.

However, in more recent years additional research has been undertaken. This is largely because some countries, such as Belgium and Denmark, don’t add fluoride to the water but have better dental health than most other countries.

It’s reignited the debate regarding the safety of fluoride, which is already known to be deadly in sufficient doses.

The response was for the Cochrane Group, a well-respected global authority, to undertake new research. They combed the existing research and found that there was a small amount of evidence to confirm the benefits of adding fluoride. However, this evidence is largely from old studies. The report suggested more modern studies were needed.

This lack of a definitive response created an uproar and leaves the question open, does fluoridebenefit your teeth and bones or is it a risk to your health?

The Modern Twist

Perhaps the real issue is not whether fluoride is beneficial or not, it’s actually whether it should be added to the water or not. At the time fluoride was discovered to be beneficial dental health options were limited. Today, fluoride isn’t just in the water, it’s also in toothpaste and other dental treatments. With advances in oral care and the number of fluoride enhanced products, it may be that fluoride no longer needs to be added to the water supply, although it remains a useful supplement for ongoing health.

One thing is certain until further research is undertaken, the argument over fluoride will continue to rage. Of course, there is little the average person can do to influence the arguments, although you can invest in a water filter to remove the fluoride from your water.

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