Fluoride Action Network

Timaru told to look at fluoride evidence

Source: Timaru Herald | April 6th, 2002
Location: New Zealand

Timaru people against the re-introduction of fluoride to the water supply, should pull back and look at all the evidence in an objective way, Director General of Health Karen Poutasi said yesterday.

Dr Poutasi believes that all local bodies in New Zealand should put fluoride in their water supplies.

She said it was the best way to protect against caries, decay in the teeth, and evidence showed it was safe and effective.

However, Timaru people have rejected the addition of fluoride to their water supply and campaigned successfully to have it removed.

They condemned it as enforced mass medication and as unsafe.

Dr Poutasi said she had access to the best of information and analysis that fluoride was an important part of primary health care and was safe. She said it was important that people put aside their beliefs and looked at all the evidence available, and to then decide whether they could accept that fluoride was the right way to go.