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Timberville Fluoridation Decision: residents to vote in November 2009

Source: WHSV.com (ABC Channel 3) | October 9th, 2008 | Reporter: Mary Pulley
Location: United States, Virginia

Folks in Timberville were hoping for a decision to be made Thursday night about whether to continue to add fluoride to their water supply, but they’ll have to wait for the town to vote.

The decision has gotten mixed responses with the town’s council members.

“At this time we are forcing something upon the citizens, whether they choose to have it or not,” says council member Tyler Jessup

“Credible studies have show over and over that, that level of fluoridation prevents tooth decay and does not cause any of those ailments that people are concerned about,” says council member Ellen Nash

A number of residents are chiming in as well.

Joan Hulvey owns a business in Timberville, and prior to this meeting, she’s held a pair of information meeting about the topic, to discuss the impact that chemicals used in the fluoride supplement can have on your health.

She’s glad the council has left the topic up to people in the town to vote on, but not with the decision to continue to fluoridate, before the town votes.

“On the one hand, there’s a win, you’re putting it in the hands of the public, and on the other hand, nope, we’re going to continue to poison everybody,” says Hulvey.

But council member Ellen Nash stands behind water fluoridation, and says the decision should not be based on opinions.

“This should not be decided by citizens who really don’t have all of that public health information

It should be decided by the council,” says Nash.

Town residents will have to wait until November 2009.

That’s when folks will be able to cast their ballot on the issue.