There has not been an innovation in toothpaste in over a century. Up until two years ago, the active ingredient in commercially available toothpastes has been toxic fluoride.  Theodent™ changed that by launching the first and only line of chocolate-based, safe-to-swallow toothpastes, replacing fluoride with a patented chocolate extract called Rennou™.  Research proves that Rennou™ works better than fluoride at lower concentrations to harden and even rebuild enamel.  The best part, Rennou™ is safe to swallow.

Corporate giant Procter & Gamble recently announced a “copy-cat” Crest toothpaste in a “mint chocolate” flavoring with an active ingredient of sodium fluoride.  It is undisputed that Fluoride is not safe to swallow.

“Crest’s biggest mistake is the underestimation of the consumer’s intelligence,” said Dr. Arman Sadeghpour, Theodent President & Chief Executive Officer. “Today’s savvy customer won’t be fooled by Crest’s chocolate flavor alone; they want real innovation, which is only available in the Theodent family of products.”

Theodent™ Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto voiced concern over Crest’s new “BE” line that enhances the taste of fluoride toothpastes that are dangerous to ingest.  “Every fluoride-based toothpaste must carry federally mandated ‘do not swallow’ warnings on the label. Consumers should heed those warnings and never ingest fluoride toothpastes in any flavor –chocolate, mint, or otherwise.”

Theodent™ has been selling its chocolate extract (theobromine) based Theodent Classic, Theodent 300, and Theodent Kids Toothpaste since 2012. The body of scientific research shows that Theodent™ toothpaste is safe-to-swallow and clinically proven to have a re-mineralization effect better than fluoride-based toothpaste and at much lower concentrations.

“Theodent toothpaste with Rennou™ is a much safer alternative to outdated fluoride toothpaste, especially for children who don’t know any better than to swallow something as tasty as chocolate,” Dr. Sadeghpour concluded.