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Toowoomba: Fluoride delayed

Source: Toowoomba Chronicle | December 21st, 2009
Location: Australia

FLUORIDE won’t flow into Toowoomba’s bulk water supply until the end of March.

Toowoomba Regional Council Deputy Mayor Paul Antonio said the initial January deadline was not going to be met because council had been “held-up with a number of things totally beyond our control”.

“We have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure we’ve got it dead right,” Cr Antonio said.

“Our management people have been in constant discussion with the State Government.”

Cr Antonio said the TRC was open to a $120,000 fine if it could not introduce fluoride to the Toowoomba supply by March 31.

“But I would suggest that the government would be pretty bloody-minded to implement that fine.

“We’re pretty comfortable with the fact that we’ve done the best for the people of Toowoomba.”

The Australian Dental Association Queensland issued a statement yesterday attempting to quell Queensland residents’ concerns about the introduction of fluoride.

“It is not a new concept and it is not untested.

Fluoridation immediately acts to strengthen the outer surface of teeth in people of all ages,” the statement said.

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