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Top 3 articles in JAMA Pediatrics in 2019 by Altmetric score

Source: JAMA Pediatrics | March 23rd, 2020 | By Dimitri A. Christakis, MD, MPH, Editor

JAMA Pediatrics—The Year in Review, 2019
By Dimitri A. Christakis, MD, MPH


The Altmetric score “uses a proprietary algorithm to quantify the quality and amount of attention an article receives from traditional and social media around the world. Our top 3 articles 1-3 by Altmetric score from the past year are presented in the Table. Notably, the article with the highest Almetric score rekindled an old controversy related to the neurotoxic effects of fluoride. As noted in my Editor’s Note publishing it was a deliberative decision. The ensuing media attention was not lost on policy makers or researchers, and I am hopeful that well-designed subsequent follow-up studies will further elucidate whether there is a true causal relationship here.”

Top 3 articles in JAMA Pediatrics
in 2019 by Altmetric score


1. Green R, Lanphear B, Hornung R, et al. Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada.



2. Boers E, Afzali MH, Newton N, Conrod P. Association of Screen Time and Depression in Adolescence. 173(9):853-859.



3. Madigan S, Browne D, Racine N, et al. Association Between Screen Time and Children’s Performance on a Developmental Screening Test. 173(3):244-250. 1,530


*Original online at https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2762857