Fluoride Action Network

‘Toxic waste’ in water fluoride

Source: Billings Gazette | October 6th, 2002
Location: United States, Montana

The chemicals used for fluoridation are recovered from the smokestack scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry and are placed untreated into our public water supplies. This unfiltered toxic waste also contains other contaminants such as lead, arsenic, mercury and more. Amazingly, these chemicals have never been tested for safety in humans. This is not disputed by the FDA, EPA, CDC or any other authoritative body.

The only justification for putting this stuff into the water, to prevent tooth decay, is no longer valid. Dental researchers now agree that fluoride‘s benefits come from topical action and does not need to be swallowed. Recent large-scale studies show no significant difference in tooth decay between fluoridated and unfluoridated areas.

These findings are not surprising in light of the fact that fluoridation promotion and “safety” research was originally funded by the aluminum industry, which back in the early and mid-1900s, was the largest polluter of hazardous fluorides in North America. Fluoridation is in fact a multimillion dollar profit waste management solution for industry in which we become their human waste filters.

Citizens should not be made to pay (unawares) for the dumping of industrial wastes into our water supply. As research is showing and as our common sense will tell us, this unjust practice will sooner or later cause a host of health problems.

As a dentist, I was shocked to learn that we were fluoridating with untreated industrial waste. I had assumed that we were using pharmaceutical-grade fluoride (no wonder it’s so “cost-effective”!). I talked to a number of my dental colleagues and they were all astounded to learn of this fact also. Please ask your dentist if he knows that we are fluoridating with the untested, untreated toxic waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

Mae W. Woo DDS