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TSCA Fluoride Trial Heats Up As Expert Witnesses Draw Criticisms

Source: Inside EPA | June 9th, 2020 | By Diana DiGangi


… The plaintiff’s witness, Danish environmental epidemiologist Dr. Phillip Grandjean, accused one of the defense witnesses of providing a “misleading … misinterpretation” of his work, while a lawyer for DOJ, which had unsuccessfully sought to preclude Grandjean from testifying, presented evidence aimed at “impeaching” Grandjean.

… In his testimony, Grandjean accused Dr. Ellen Chang, a scientist at the industry consulting firm Exponent, who EPA hired as an expert witness, of providing a “misleading … misinterpretation” of his work on the issue of prenatal fluoride neurotoxicity, the relative risk of which is the subject of the trial.

“What she wrote in my mind is inappropriate,” Grandjean said during his plaintiff testimony. “I’m embarrassed that the EPA would recruit Dr. Chang, who has already tried to kill some of my work on polyfluorinated chemicals, that they would recruit her to write this report full of biases. I get a little upset about it… I’m sorry to see what has happened to a colleague that works for a product defense firm.”

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