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Updated version of ADA’s premier resource on fluoridation available

Source: ADA News (American Dental Association) | March 9th, 2018 | By Michelle Manchir

Dental professionals who have questions about water fluoridation can turn to the updated 2018 edition of “Fluoridation Facts,” which was released in March, for answers.

Compiled by the experts of ADA’s National Fluoridation Advisory Committee, Fluoridation Facts is the ADA’s premier resource on fluoridation.

Image of Fluoridation Facts cover

This 114-page publication provides the latest scientific information about the benefits and safety of water fluoridation. It also includes information on fluoridation’s cost-effectiveness, role in public health policy and the practice of fluoridating community water supplies.

The book also features evidence-based responses to challenges put forth by groups opposed to fluoridation, 10 question-and-answer segments and more than 400 references.  Where available, references are linked to abstracts.

“‘Fluoridation Facts’ is the go-to resource on community water fluoridation for all members of the dental profession, as well as policymakers at the local, state and national level,” said Dr. Howard Pollick, a member of the ADA National Fluoridation Advisory Committee. Dr. Pollick is also a health sciences clinical professor and director of the Dental Public Health Residency Program in the Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences at the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry.

As local legislators and water authorities across the U.S. take up the issue of fluoridation, Dr. Pollick said the publication can provide “credible, authoritative information for city council members, water board members, legislators and their staff, where communities are initiating or facing challenges to existing water fluoridation programs.”

“Fluoridation Facts” is available in print (product J120) or as an eBook (J120T) or as a bundle (J120BT) of the two. To purchase, visit ebusiness.ADA.org and search for the product numbers. Quantity discounts are available when ordering multiple print copies. Use code 18117 until May 21 for an additional discount.

For more information about fluoride and the ADA’s advocacy efforts on fluoridation, visit ADA.org/fluoride. Dental professionals can also point their patients to the ADA’s consumer website, MouthHealthy.org, for information about fluoride and fluoridation.

*Original article online at https://www.ada.org/en/publications/ada-news/2018-archive/march/updated-version-of-adas-premier-resource-on-fluoridation-available

Note from FAN: See the 2005 version