Fluoride Action Network

Utah a national leader by not fluoridating

Source: Daily Herald | June 4th, 2000 | by David Christopher
Location: United States, Utah

Utahns consistently reject fluoride because we cut through the enormous endorsements and weigh the facts.

We are not behind the times, but ahead of the 60 cities that bucked the system and rejected fluoride in the 1990s. We’re unique because we vote. Most cities are fluoridated by executive order.

The task of unmasking this fluoride farce is monumental. Utah being the least-fluoridated state is pivotal. If we can withstand the onslaught of federal, state, industrial, and of course medical pressure, Utah can send a clear message to Washington that like Europe and the majority of the world we will not be a part of the biggest hoax perpetrated on America since it’s inception.

One lemming bucking the crowd will be noticed by other states which then might finally call for congressional hearings to ferret out the perpetrators of this insidious practice of dumping toxic waste into our drinking water under an EPA loophole.

Is fluoride toxic? Science shows fluoride is more toxic than lead (Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products-1984). The majority of fluoride is captured into ponds from EPA required smokestack scrubbers and sold untreated to municipalities.

The technical name is fluorosilicic acid, and yes it is a toxic waste that can totally dissolve any cement barriers.

Is fluoride a cumulative toxin? Of course it is; that’s how it’s supposed to work. It attaches to the calcium in bones. That is why dentists apply it to your teeth. However, when you drink it in water it enters the blood stream and attaches to the first bones it comes in contact with.

Does fluoride cause hip fractures? Yes. Hip fractures were caused inadvertently in a study designed to prove fluoride prevented osteoporosis. In the trials elderly women were given 75 mg. per day of sodium fluoride and compared to a control group. The study ended abruptly with the horrifying discovery that fluoride caused these fractures.

In light of this study another study looked at low levels of fluoride in drinking water at the optimal level of 1 part per million. Hip fractures were 27% higher in women and 41% higher in men living in Brigham City, the largest fluoridated community in Utah, compared to non-fluoridated Logan and Cedar City.

Is fluoride absolutely safe? Of course not. There are more than 500 peer reviewed studies documenting adverse effects of fluoride ranging from cancer to brain damage. Tragically all of these studies will be dismissed as inconclusive by a medical system which has a predetermined mind set that fluoride is safe and effective.