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Vermont: Legislature looks at fluoridation

Source: Rutland Herald | Letter to the Editor | March 30th, 2017 | By Jack Crowther
Location: United States, Vermont

On March 22 the Vermont Senate introduced and sent to the Committee on Health and Welfare the joint resolution JRS 26, introduced by Sen. Peg Flory of Rutland. It is summarized as follows: “Joint resolution requesting that the state of Vermont refrain temporarily from supporting or opposing the fluoridation of drinking water and that the Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation conduct a joint study on the human health and water quality impacts of fluoridated water.”

I am working with Senator Flory on this measure. My hope is that it prompts Vermont to take a long overdue look at the obsolete, unethical and unhealthy practice of fluoridation.

Given this chance, it is important for those who oppose fluoridation to contact Senator Flory and show support for this measure and to contact the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, chaired by Sen. Claire Ayer of Addison County. Please encourage Senator Ayer and the committee to conduct hearings at which responsible critics can present the case against fluoridation.

Contact information is found on the Vermont Legislalture website, legislature. vermont.gov.

There is no doubt the proponents of fluoridation will offer their side.