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Video interview with Dr Bob Dickson: “Fluoridation belongs in the Museum of Failed Medical Practices”

Source: Cat’s Track | August 24th, 2021
Location: Canada, Alberta

Cat’s Track Episode 200: Catherine Brownlee interviews Bob Dickson MD in this new video.

Dr Dickson heads up Safe Water Calgary which is campaigning to educate residents to vote against fluoridation in the upcoming October 13th referendum. The group is up against tough odds, as the governments’ Alberta Health Services is “launching a public education campaign endorsing the benefits of fluoride in drinking water ahead of Calgary’s plebiscite this fall.”

Dr Dickson’s character has been maligned by unethical and anti-science pro-fluoridationists in Alberta since Calgarians voted to end fluoridation in 2011.

Watch the video with Dr Bob Dickson of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The discussion of fluoridation takes place in the first 6 minutes at https://youtu.be/JkjU_7H051g

In the video, Dr Bob says, “Fluoridation belongs in the Museum of Failed Medical Practices.”

He also discusses the reaction of the editors of JAMA Pediatrics to fluoridation – see that podcast at http://fluoridealert.org/fan-tv/jama-pediatrics-podcast-on-fluoride-iq/


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