Fluoride Action Network

VOICE supports demand for re-think on causes of fluoride poisoning in children

Source: VOICE of Irish Concern for the Environment | September 23rd, 2004
Location: Ireland

Water fluoridation has received another damaging blow this week, with the release of new research from the Oral Health Research Centre in UCC revealing that children in fluoridated areas are twice as likely to suffer from dental fluorosis than those children living in unfluoridated areas. “VOICE calls for the immediate cessation of water fluoridation, as this new research from UCC demonstrates once again the increased poisoning of children by fluoride” says VOICE spokesperson Robert Pocock.

The research compared 8 and 15-yr olds in 2002 with the same age groups in 1984. Fluoride poisoning had increased in both age groups but had more than doubled where water was fluoridated. Almost 40% of 15-yr olds now suffering from dental fluorosis, which is a tenfold increase since 1984.

In a similar move this week, Dr Philip Michael of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association has also called for an immediate cessation of water fluoridation because of the increased poisoning of children by fluoride. “This call for a total re-think on fluoride damage is welcome” said VOICE spokesman Robert Pocock, “because GPs now also recognise that children have been systemically poisoned by fluoride. No one is going to be taken in by the claim that is caused by swallowing fluoride toothpaste. If swallowing fluoride toothpaste is to mainly blame why do children North of the border, without water fluoridation, have half our level of fluorosis?

Irish GPs are joining the already growing number of Irish dentists who are also opposed to fluoridation because of its systemic effects. These include osteoporosis, damage to the central nervous system and to thyroid function, among many others effects attributed to this bio-cumulative toxic substance.

Eleven county councils already voted to stop fluoridation but have been blocked by Health Minister Martin.