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Voters in Nalgonda want water free of fluoride

Source: The New Indian Express | March 19th, 2014 | By Express News Service
Location: India

Fluoride in water, drinking water supply, irrigation waters and railway doubling works are some of the key issues that matter in Nalgonda Lok Sabha constituency, currently represented by Gutta Sukhendhar Reddy of Congress party.

Safe drinking water is the main issue in the district that remains unresolved and people of the district are now expecting a permanent solution by taking it as a top issue in the new state of Telangana.

The issue of fluoride-contaminated water has been a serious health hazard and it will be one of the important factors that will  influence the thinking of voters in the constituency.

Out of 1,011 villages in the constituency, only 50 to 60 percent are getting drinking water from Krishna river, while the remaining villages have to depend on fluoride-contaminated water. It is being long felt that completion of Srisailam Left Bank Canal (SLBC) project is the permanent solution to the problem.

Though the project had started 8 years ago it is yet to be completed. Lack of funds was said to be the reason for the delay.

Medical college in Nalgonda is another major demand from the constituency.

Though the ruling party leaders have been promising time and again to ensure that the district has a medical college, no progress has been made in that direction yet.

Another issue that has been bothering the constituency people is that no efforts have been made for doubling works for the existing railway line, though as many as eight express trains pass through Nalgonda.

In Nalgonda town, there has been a demand to increase the capacity of Udayasamdurham Reservoir, which supplies drinking water to 200 villages.