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Warrnambool: Fluoride report renews the fury

Source: The Warrnambool Standard | March 9th, 2009 | By PETER COLLINS
Location: Australia

FLUORIDATION opponents have vowed to stack Warrnambool City Council’s meeting tomorrow night and reignite one of the most controversial issues in the city’s history.

They are angered by a report which recommends the council take no further action on the issue.

Fluoridation was introduced into the water supply late last year following months of controversy and two huge public protest meetings in 2007.

The 10-sentence report for tomorrow night’s meeting was prepared by council senior officers in response to a request from councillors last year seeking clarification on who was responsible for fluoridation.

The report is followed by a recommendation: “That council recognises that fluoridation of water supplies is a matter for the Victorian State Government and that Warrnambool City Council take no further action on this matter”.

It was like a red rag to a bull for fluoridation opponents who yesterday were organising a show of strength.

Warrnambool Fluoride Action Group convenor Peter Sycopoulis told The Standard the council needed to be reminded it must consider the views of all ratepayers.

“If this is an attempt by some people in council to put this report in by stealth and quash this debate for good they will certainly have a fight on their hands,” he said.

Another item on the council meeting agenda is a report calling for big increases in animal release fees from the pound and for pet registration fees to be increased.