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Warrumbungle residents to be quizzed over fluoridation plan

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | February 25th, 2009
Location: Australia

The residents of the Warrumbungle Shire in New South Wales are divided over plans by council to fluoridate the shire’s town water supply.

Council has raised the issue again, after an attempt in 2004 sparked outrage, with accusations the town was trying to ‘mass medicate’ residents.

Mayor Peter Shinton says the Department of Health has identified poor dental hygiene in some of the shire’s residents, in towns including Baradine, Mendooran and Coonabarabran.

He says a phone poll will now be conducted among residents to gauge community support for the plan.

“We’re now working with the Department of Health, they’ve taken on those issues now and as soon as the phone poll is finished then we’ll start the public awareness programs and get public feedback, probably a couple of town meetings and then council will make the decision,” he said.