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Warwick and Stanthorp: Fluoride delayed due to safety

Source: Warwick Daily News | April 21st, 2011
Location: Australia

THE introduction of fluoride into Warwick and Stanthorpe water supplies has been delayed until next month after testing revealed some safety concerns, council has advised.

Mayor Ron Bellingham said the decision was made after testing on Tuesday found the new fluoride analysers were taking in air as well as water and as a precaution any fluoride dosing was suspended.

“The analysers are a safety barrier designed to shut down the dosing should a high level of fluoride enter the system,” Cr Bellingham said.

“It is essential that these are working perfectly and this council will not add any more fluoride to the water until they are.

“Only minute amounts of fluoride were added during the initial testing, well below the maximum levels for safe drinking water guidelines, so there is no question of the water supply being safe in the meantime.”

Council engineers and contractors will work on the issue, with recommissioning of fluoride into the water likely for the first week of May.