WARWICK residents will soon find out whether fluoride is to remain in the region’s water supply.

The return deadline closed last week and Southern Downs Regional Council has confirmed some residents have voiced concerns over the process.

Surveys were sent with water rates notices to those in Warwick, Stanthorpe, Yangan and Allora in mid-October.

Dragon St ratepayer Mike O’Leary said he was disappointed a survey didn’t make it to his house and he was unable to have his say.

“I am a ratepayer and I didn’t get one and other people I have spoken to didn’t get one either,” he said.

Mr O’Leary approached the council about his missing survey but said he was unable to get a replacement copy.

The long-time Warwick resident said he was sceptical the survey was the best way to address the fluoride issue.

“I think everyone who is in Warwick and drinks the water should have been included. Renters still have to drink it so they should be able to have a say too,” he said.

“I am dead against fluoride – we were brought up without it being put in and most of it is wasted having showers and in the garden.

“If people want fluoride that’s fine but they should add it in themselves.”

Acting CEO David Tuxford confirmed the council had harboured a small amount of concerns over the survey process.

“Some people made general enquiries as to why they did not receive a survey and were satisfied with the answers given,” he said.

“The answers focused on the fact the tenants did not receive a survey and property owners who did not have town water consumption were not included.

“Anyone who was not satisfied with the explanations were asked to put their concerns in writing and there were four of these.”

Mr Tuxford said replacing lost or missing surveys was not possible.

“Council did not hold any spare survey forms, as each survey form was numbered to ensure the validity of the process,” he said.

“Council staff checked the numbers of surveys to the number of properties on the tariffs that were to receive the survey form and they tallied 100%.”

Surveys are being counted this week and a report will be presented to council at its general meeting this month.

A 50% return rate must be met for a majority vote either for or against ceasing fluoride is recognised.