… A city advisory committee on health and wellness is considering recommending that St. Peters stop adding fluoride to water produced by the city’s wells. If it does, the issue would then go before the Board of Aldermen.

Barry Pulley, a committee member affiliated with a national anti-fluoride group, worries that long-term exposure to fluoride could lead to various health problems.

“Whether it’s good for your teeth or not, bad for my body or not, it should be my choice,” Pulley said. “Forced mass medication is just wrong.”

Dental organizations remain strongly committed to fluoridation. So is the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

… The federal agency says scientific studies show that exposure at levels used in community water fluoridation is safe and doesn’t cause adverse health effects or systemic disorders.

Critics with the Fluoride Action Network, with which Pulley acts as Missouri liaison, cite other research they say indicates that fluoride may lead to thyroid, arthritic and fertility problems as well as other issues…

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